Membership Empowerment Training Project


We, the activists, are Amnesty’s greatest resource

Amnesty is a membership organization: our effectiveness depends on us. The work we do takes a broad base of committed activists campaigning creatively and strategically on human rights concerns.

Training is an investment in members – student, local, and other group members – strengthening our grassroots, and helping us fulfill the high expectations of Amnesty International by:

What is “empowerment”?

Empowered members have the knowledge and skills to act strategically and creatively, and therefore achieve greater impact in whatever work their groups choose. They are not simply mobilized from the “top-down” to take actions designed by others, but do so much more.  

Empowered members develop their own campaigns and action plans, work more independently to plan and execute strategies and tactics, make decisions, and solve problems in ways consistent with AIUSA’s principles and practices. They develop skills for their own work, and also apply those skill to work on AIUSA priorities. 

The role of training 

As human rights activists, we must be well informed about the work we take on. Amnesty’s reputation is based on our twin commitments to accuracy and impartiality. Human rights education helps us act responsibly within that legacy, and raise our expectations of each other. But building the capacity of activist members goes beyond that. Training provides skills that allow us to take what we know and use it more effectively. Training strengthens our individual and our collective activism by:

What is the Project?

The Membership Empowerment Training Project (METP) is a three-year project (2016-2018) with the goal of developing an ongoing training program for AIUSA’s grassroots activists.  Its origins lie in the Training Digitization Project, which gathered, digitized, and made accessible documents from past AIUSA member training.  These documents convinced us that it is time to reinvigorate the commitment to training AIUSA’s student, local, and other groups. 

From 2016 through 2018, the METP will develop:


The success of the METP depends on membership involvement:

Why should I consider becoming a trainer?

The benefits of training are clear and numerous, to both individuals, and the organization.  But trainers themselves also benefit from their work as trainers.  As an Amnesty trainer you will: 

·         Deepen your involvement with Amnesty International.

·         Develop leadership skills.

·         Learn facilitation, workshop design, and training skills.

·         Take your new skills, which are in high demand among employers, to other parts of your life.

·         Share experience you’ve gained within and outside Amnesty across the movement.

Share the Light

Request a workshop with the button at the top of the page, OR Inquire about becoming a trainer at: .

Amnesty shines the light on human rights abuses from Addis Ababa to Zimbabwe. Member training, built on peer-to-peer knowledge and experience, strengthens our movement and deepens our impact.

Training empowers us to change a life… 
and change our world.

We are grateful to the    Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research for their kind assistance in recovering historical training documents.


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